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How to use Liquid Gold Luster

How to apply it

Shake the bottle containing Liquid Gold Luster to mix well the solution and the precipitate, and pour it into small glass or porcelain containers. Apply the Liquid Gold Luster to the object by adjusting the density with gold thinner. If it is applied too thick, it may cause peeling or shrinking. If it is too thin, on the contrary, it will not give off fine gold color. Try to apply it evenly as much as possible. If it is applied after the first application is dried, the solution contained in the Liquid Gold Luster of the second application may dissolve the Liquid Gold Luster underneath. If there is any thin-applied surface, additional application should be given gently and softly there before the surface is dried.

How to dilute it

When it is diluted, use the thinner oil supplied from the same manufacturer if possible. (Thinner oil is made with the ingredients quite similar to the solution contained in the Liquid Gold Luster.) Added thinner oil as per followings

approx. 20-30% thinner in 7% Liquid Gold Luster

approx. 20-30% thinner in 8% Liquid Gold Luster

approx. 30-40% thinner in 10% Liquid Gold Luster &

approx. 35-45% thinner in 12% Liquid Gold Luster

Mix it well when Liquid Gold Luster left in the bottle becomes sticky after solution is evaporated. Do not add new Liquid Gold Luster, but add thinner oil and mix well.

How to preserve it

Do not return the leftover of Liquid Gold Luster into the original bottle, but put it in another bottle with cap and keep it at cold and dark place after adding a little thinner oil and shaking well. Preservation in the refrigerator is not recommended as the bottle inside will be sweated with fine dewdrops due to the difference from outside temperature when Liquid Gold Luster is taken out from the refrigerator and put in use. The brush is generally preserved in the slender bottle which contains small amount of thinning oil and is stopped with cloth wound brush handle. (The bush tip should not touch thinner oil. The brush will not be dried for the solution evaporated from gold thinner.)


After gold decoration, dry it first. Put it in a kiln after it is dried to the level it does not stick to the level it does not stick to fingers when you touch it.

When firing, you must keep the kiln cover open (about 2-3 cm) until the temperature goes up to 400-450 ? to let the oxygen in the kiln circulate well. This is because gas is discharged when the resin in the Liquid Gold Luster is burnt, and the good finish cannot be expected unless the gas is released.
To secure a good adhesion, hold the highest temperature for 5-10 minutes and cool it down slowly.

Firing Temperature

750-850 degrees C for Bone China and Earthen Ware                  (Preferable 800 degrees C) 

450-550 degrees C for Glass Ware                                           (Preferable 500 degrees C)